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The 5 Simple Steps Career Driven Parents Can Use
to Ensure They Have It All -
Healthy, Happy Children AND A Successful Driven Career...

(without feeling like they’re hearing yet more fake fixes or seeing another parent self-help program)

In this Masterclass you'll discover:

The 5 simple steps professional parents take to stop feelings of guilt or shame around their parenting and work-life practices…and instead, start every day feeling empowered to support their children’s mental health and live the life they envisage for themselves.

The one thing every parent needs to know about those difficult to manage behaviours and what they really mean.

Why this idea that you have to work less to be a good parent is COMPLETELY false and creates tense, self-critical thought patterns…instead focusing on how to super-boost the quality of time spent together, not the quantity of it.

The secret to understanding children’s behaviour and how to use this understanding to create behavioural support strategies that not only work but feel easy and enjoyable to implement.

The truth about why parenting books simply do not work for professional parents, and what can be done instead to achieve a more harmonious life, where neither career or family life has to suffer.

And, how to do ALL this while feeling like you have more time, less battles and more space to make amazing memories and connections with your family and start having FUN in life and business.

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Emma Selby

Emma Selby is a Clinical Nurse Consultant specializing in child and family mental health. An award winning clinician Emma has featured as a clinical consultant with the BBC, ITV, Google, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian and the Sunday Times.  Emma's approach to family wellbeing is that parents are the experts in their children's lives and there is no one size fits all. By helping parents to understand their own wellbeing needs as well as the needs their children might be communicating through their words or behaviors Emma believes we all have the power create our healthiest, happiest lives.

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