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Clinical Specialists

Are you working on a project where you need qualified, accredited professionals to appear on screen and provide expert advice or review? Do you have a product where you need clinical representation. We can match you with real life clinician presenters who are experts in their fields. We cover all areas of health and wellbeing with bespoke support options depending on your project. Our team are unique in their approachability and ability to be relatable to the audience

Media Talent therapy 

There can be additional pressures associated with a constant micro attention to the details of life, not to mention the challenges faced with emotionally investing in a character or perception. Many creative professionals can benefit from therapeutic support to better engage and disengage with their roles and responsibilities. We can offer 1:1 and Group therapy options both on location and off location. 

London Reflections

On set Welfare 

When engaging in a project that covers difficult topics such a mental health, or when using contributors with lived experience it is important to consider on set welfare for all involved. Our professionals can provide practical emotional support for contributors and crew as well as assisting in engagement and response to help your day run smoother. All staff are qualified in level three safeguarding.


As a company we have been invited to panels, conferences and Events all over the world. From sharing our individual stories of success, to mental resilience coaching and panel debates if your looking for speakers for your next event get in touch

Content creation 

Whether you are developing a script or a brand new app, ensuring any content you are developing is safe, clinically correct and evidence based is essential. Our team offer bespoke packages of support, from joint content creation through to fact checking and clinical risk sign off


From corporate companies to production crews and schools we provide bespoke training packages on all areas of mental health, emotional resilience and peer support. For more information about a package bespoke to your needs get in touch. 

Clinical Safety Officer 

When developing any technology that you hope to be used by health or corporate serves it is essential to consider clinical safety. If you plan to sell into the NHS or health sector the appointment of a suitably qualified clinical safety officer is essential. Our CSO's can provide varying levels of support depending on your own needs and have extensive knowledge of supporting apps through the process.  

Radio and Print 

From Guest columnists to professional commentary our team can support you in creating and curating content that is psychologically sound and meaningful to the audience. No Jargon or unintelligible words here, we pride ourselves on being able to make complex messages easy to understand 

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