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About Us

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Our Philosophy

As a clinician led company we place quality and efficacy at the heart of everything we do. We believe that affordable specialist advice should be made available to anyone developing resources or products accessible to the public as it is only by supporting the development of good quality education and preventative tools that we can truly begin to tackle the rising crisis of mental health in the UK. 

We understand that messages about mental health come in many different formats, from fictional TV drama's to educational apps and we pride ourselves in being able to support all areas of content development and contributor wellbeing. 

Experience Based Co-Design sits at the heart of everything we do, connecting companies to real service users and experts by experience to ensure that the right views are being heard. 

Our Story

Digital technology plays a huge part in all our lives. Social interaction, banking, shopping, leisure – all of it plays out online and digital technology and Media is key to the future of mental health services.


Digital Mentality was set up by Emma Selby, a Specialist Mental Health Nurse Consultant working for the NHS to help meet the changing and developing digital needs of both service users and service providers across the NHS and private sector.

After working in a number of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service's Emma realised that there was a huge need for better quality psychology underpinning to the online and Media resources available to the public. She set about designing a solution for her local service and went on to win both national and international awards for her innovation.


As Emma became more involved in the growing digital Media landscape she realised the need was larger then even she had anticipated. Not only is it imperative that apps, resources and story lines are underpinned by evidence and good practice but there is also a ethical demand that we better support those working in these areas including actors, media personalities and social influencers.


Emma is now nationally regarded as a leading authority on digital mental health and it was from this experience that Digital Mentality was born. Established to connect companies and individuals with specialist mental health practitioners we have worked across areas including TV, Film and App development with companies including the BBC, Google and more!

As a company we pride ourselves on working with young people and adults to design technology and interventions that they feel works for them. Experience Based Co-design under pins everything that we do ensuring that we co-create solutions to their concerns, not our perceptions of them.

We provide a number of services including consultation, teaching and clinical safety services as well as media and event appearences

“Emma and her team joined us for a BBC children's project on mental health. They were so helpful, checking scripts, coming up with ideas and providing therapy services for the cast. It really helped the project run smoothly and got the best out of everyone involved” Allison T.
“We contacted the team for help on developing content for our midnfulness app as we wanted to be accepted by the NHS. The team provided lots of consultation and support and really helped us understand how to develop to the next stage”. Steve R.
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