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The Unglamorous side of set!

So I thought I would write about something a bit different today as lots of nurses I meet ask what it's like to work on TV sets or in front of the camera. Whilst TV work often sounds glamorous, if a little unusual for a nurse, there are some surprising truths about life on set 1: microphones get clipped to very weird places

We've all seen those little clip on mics but did you know the battery packs can be connected to some very strange places. If your wearing a dress or your waist will be in shot they are often strapped to your ankle, your thigh or even tucked into your knickers! Don't worry we put the battery packs on ourselves and the team just place the mics! 2. There is a reason they say don't work with children

Most of my work involves working with children both on and off camera and anyone who has a child knows they are definitely a law on to thwmselves. It's no different when you put them in front of a camera. Sometimes it's a one shot wonder, other times clever edits help us save the day. There is also a lot of tape involved when filming with young children and babies as the wires for the mic are often taped to you to stomp the energetic cast pulling them off! 3. Shoes are often optional

If your working behind the camera then the ability to transform into a ghost at will is vital! Behind the camera work is normally about engaging the cast in the topic or helping the camera man get the right shot for the learning point. This means being light on your feet and staying out of shot even when the camera is running around. For this reason you'll often find us without shoes so we can run across floors without clacking! 4. We don't use that much auto script

I can't talk for professional TV presenters of course but as a nurse we are often called on for our professional knowledge or scientific backgrounds. As a result I don't actually have to learn a lot of lines or do much with auto scripting as normally I am just given learning points to talk to and I can say what I like 5. It's not quite as glamorous as it might seem

People assume anything to do with television or filming must be super glamorous but honestly it's a job like most others. We generally do our own make up and pick our own clothes. We start early and finish late. We sometimes stand in the cold and pretend it's sunny or pause for our toddler cast to have a nap. I've been taken out by stray waves, lain on the floor and hidden in trees. But it is different, different to what we are told nursing can be and a great way to share how knowledgeable our nurses in this country are. Most of all, it is a lot of fun!

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